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What a crank-scraper is and other technical info... Some comments on our products...
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On April 25th 2010 in Moses Lake, WA we set a new world speed record for a 1 ¼ mile course with our 2.3 Ford powered APBA Hydroplane using your triple Teflon scraper.  The old record had stood for over 10 years!

Thank you for all your help!

Scott Meyers

Ford Motor Company tests our Teflon® bladed

crank scrapers  in the new 2011 Coyote V8

We were very pleased when in January 2009 Ford Motor Company contacted Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers.   We were asked to make Teflon® bladed crank scrapers to test in their new Premium V8 engine, referred to as the Coyote.  We were also asked for help in correcting an issue with the proposed windage tray. Click here for pictures.

Our Teflon bladed crank scrapers (patent pending) have been in successful use around the world for over four years in many types of street and race engines.  A number of recent SCCA Championships were won with engines equipped with them and they are commonly found in NASA series. The Teflon® blade allows the scraper to safely contact the rotating assembly.  By decreasing  the clearance with the moving parts the efficiency of the scraper is improved.

Congratulations Bill Edgeworth: current NHRA record holder for L/SA at -1.49 under the index !

Congratulations to Myron Piatek and Locomotion Racing, 2008 Division 2 IHRA Champion!

Congratulations to Jesse Prather, 2008 SCCA E Production National Champion!

Congratulations to Rick Harris, 2008 SCCA F Production National Champion!

Congratulations to Fred Robertson, 2006, 2007 Ohio Valley Region STS2 Class Champion!

Congratulations to Jesse Prather, 2007 SCCA F Production National Champion!

Congratulations to Jay Marlowe, 2007 SCCA G Production National Champion!

Congratulations to Chuck Mathis, 2007 SCCA G Production 2nd place!

Our scrapers are seen in December 2007 High Performance Pontiac magazine, "Revenge of the 350".  Engine build by Ken "Ace" Brewer from Pacific Performance Racing. Article and photograph by Steve Magnante.

Ken "Ace" Brewer

Congratulations to Chuck Mathis, 2006 SCCA G Production National Champion!

Congratulations to Carl Fausett: Third Place in the 2007 Pikes Peak Hill Climb open division!

Congratulations to Steve Cole on winning the 2006 CVAR B Sedan Championship in his Fiat 124

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